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Special Android and iOS platforms ensuring a splendid performance and synchronized support for your smartphone devices.

Interactive Interface

Synchronized performance on multiple platforms, our team has developed two unique and widely used assessment solutions for your android and iOS compatible gadgets. The user can easily install and use this native application on their mobile and tablet devices to create and assign multiple assessments and quiz. Specially designed architecture is tested and operated, to provide prolonged multitasking with smoother data processing and easy switching at a speed of nanoseconds. This simplified online examination system offers an  intuitive and sequential flow of information, navigation features, grid view options, and more. The user interface is specially designed and configured for each icon and button placement to enhance the user experience. The flexible support system with instant push alert for each activity is modified to assure prompt solutions to all your queries.

Sell Product and Drilled Reporting

Now, enjoy selling test online for practice and preparation of the syllabus. The administrator can have a consistent track on all the activities in Real Time Feeds  using the admin panel. The advanced test settings will help in conducting improvised and time constrained competitive assessments. A candidate can appear in the test using the  web or app interface. However, also gets the feasibility to complete half of the test on the app and the remaining on the web platform. Fair exposure to the online examination platform using the latest examination tools that have been designed to serve your present and futuristic goals. Go get the section-wise, subject-wise, rich, detailed tabular and graphical reports that will be generated instantaneously offering an extra-edge to have the advanced forefront analysis.