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Use a Professional or Business account and enjoy the multi benefit to sell-n-earn from the created test series. Group similar course aspirants with streamlined allocation of tests.

Create Vivid Products for Candidates

Select test to form products that can be purchased by candidates. Streamlined procedure to initialize, define, club and create products for a particular course or group. Provide lucrative product description to feature transparency in details and motivate the zeal to purchase to the candidates. Flexibility to switch subscription and get the impressive feature to sell and earn different sort of test and quiz related products.

Cost and Discount

Club test to form a product and define the pricing details. Easy to have frequent checks on the customization and cost execution.  Generate and offer promotional deals to the candidates. The admin can generate and share discount and promo codes on the products to attract the applicants. Easy to run the promotional drives that will eventually increase your buyers and profit margins.

Multiple Payment Options

Secure payment options to offer a hassle-free purchasing cycle. Fluent payment gateway selection (Payu Money, CcAvenue, etc.) to the buyer for  safe and smooth transfer of funds. Easy to check and track record of the simple 3-step purchasing sequence. The efficient track of the payment status, with the list of successful, in-progress and unsuccessful transactions. An invoice is generated for each of the purchase order can even download or import  the performa invoice.