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Optimum Reporting System

Advanced scoring and analysing tools offering detailed clarity over the marks obtained in each subject, section, test, and more. This will provide an in-depth outlook of the scorecards and the performance of

Test Report

Analyze and publish timely reports of the test/quiz undertaken. It provides clarity to the number of completed tests, appeared candidates, average score, topper’s marks  and the count of candidates’ scoring below and above average grades. The administrator can use the search filters of either the candidate's name or the enrollment number to view and analyze the record of a particular candidate. This report offers an in-depth characteristics to the performance of a candidate in a test or quiz including the list to the enrollment and contact details, scored rank and marks along with the number of correct, incorrect and skipped responses.

the associated candidates.


Question Report

The question report will help in analyzing the generated record of a particular test.quiz or assessment. An administrator can filter the required test and determine the candidate's response. It will list the all the question included in the test, with details to the count of correct, incorrect and skipped answers. Graphs in the form of pie charts illustrating the percentage response of up to 2 values of decimal for all questions are developed instantaneously. The produced report will help the administrator to analyse the difficulty level of the assigned questions. By default the question will appear in a compressed format that can be expanded to have full view of the added text, images or complex numerical equations if added.

Candidate Report

An administrator can easily check and track the reports associated with a particular candidate using the search filter of either an email address or an enrollment number. The report includes test wise report from the oldest to the latest. It enlists the subject wise marks offering clarity to the correct, incorrect and skipped attempts along with the subject rank. The subject rank will be in accordance to the test settings defined at the time of test creation.

Status Report

The report is published to track and check the updated status of a particular test using the test selection filter. An administrator can easily fetch the details of the number of candidates who have completed and yet to complete (in-progress) a particular test.

Sales Report

This report will list the details for the purchase made for the product by the associated candidates. It will include the revenue details to calculate the profit quotient.  The report showcases the purchasing details, including the payment made and the discount applied by each of the candidates. The administrator can easily  download the invoice for a particular product.