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MTS will have a team of education administrators, experts, researchers and assessment developers who believe that scientifically designed and properly delivered assessments can improve working, teaching & learning processes in Pakistani organization & class rooms. Candidates coming out of these processes will immensely contribute to the wellbeing of our country. These assessments will also improve equity and will ensure that merit and not the means prevail in selections.

Success of all works of MTS shall be evaluated on the basis of their being able to achieve the above purpose.

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MTS will emphasize on updating its practices by constant innovation in assessment. The organization will give major emphasis to research in evaluation and use that research to update its assessment practices.

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MTS has six operational verticals pertaining to various examinations. Every vertical will employ about 6 researchers including internationally known experts of psychometrics and statistics.

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The group of researchers will be responsible for the following-

  • Research and analysis of data to support the examinations they are entrusted with Ideate for future assessment practices.
  • Establish good assessment practices and influence policy at the national level.

The group of psychometricians and statisticians will be responsible for the following-

  • Reliability of the test in different versions to be used.
  • Validity of the test by showing that the test measures the knowledge or skills that it is intended to measure.
  • Fairness of the test by ensuring that no group of students is either advantaged or disadvantaged due to medium of examination or content of the questions.
  • Equating multiple tests that will be done during a year so that these tests become comparable.
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MTS will set professional standards for assessments in the country, research on education and professional development in employment & education. Since Pakistan is a hugely diverse country, MTS will effectively liaise with various state governments, universities, state education boards to understand student’s abilities and higher education institution’s requirements.


MTS will have a huge repository of data of candidate performance, with various other demographic parameters across subject areas. MTS will analyses this data to inform the policymakers about the corrective measures required for improvements.

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MTS will, inter alia, report on the following-

  • in-depth analysis of educational achievement across States and achievement gap/
  • Quality and certification
  • Time series comparison of performance
  • Inputs on student and teacher training needs
  • Educational reform.

Test Item Writes

MTS will create a pool of highly professional subject matter experts who will be trained by the psychometricians and statisticians. These subject matter experts will write items for MTS and using software/ artificial intelligence, the MTS will create tests.

Targeted Assessments

In future, MTS will also undertake other tests to measure specific population’s content, knowledge and skills.

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Multi Testing Services (Pvt.) Ltd. (MTS) has been established as a premier, specialist, autonomous and self-sustained testing organization to conduct employment & entrance examinations for admission.

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