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01. Online Examinations

To identify partner institutions with adequate infrastructure from the existing schools and higher education institutions which would facilitate conduct of online examinations without adversely impacting their academic routine.

02.Computer Based Testing

To create Computer Based Testing (CBT) system, in order to make the testing system for employment & admissions transparent & merit based.

03. Question Bank

To create a question bank for all subjects using the modern techniques.

04. Testing Culture

To establish a strong R&D culture as well as a pool of experts in different aspects of testing.

05. Training & Quality Testing

To help individual colleges and universities in the field of testing and to provide training and advisory services to the institutions in Pakistan. To provide quality testing services to the academic institutions in Pakistan.

06. Collaboration with International Organization.

To develop a state of the art culture of testing in Pakistan by using domestic and international expertise. To collaborate with international organizations like ETS to achieve the same.

07. Service to Governament of Pakistan

To undertake any other examination that is entrusted to it by the Ministries/Departments of Government of Pakistan/State Governments.

About Us

Multi Testing Services (Pvt.) Ltd. (MTS) has been established as a premier, specialist, autonomous and self-sustained testing organization to conduct employment & entrance examinations for admission.

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